How to install a driver package for Readers Bit4id, C3PO and GEMPLUS?

After reading, you will have the knowledge for the correct installation of the driver for the Bir4id reader, C3PO and GEMPLUS.

Most of the distributions, in which Ubuntu is included, have already available the drivers. Therefore, It is necessary the installation of only these new packages. For example, using the synaptic in the case of Ubuntu. In the case, It doesn't exist the package for your Linux version, the manufacturer offers the source code in fornat tar.gz

Los packages to install are: libccid (Driver package compatible with most of the readers) and libacr38u ( Driver for the miniLector Essential and others readers with chip ACR38U) using the Packages Manager.

If you prefer not using the visual installer, you can execute from the terminal:

sudo apt-get install libccid libacr38u